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Apenas um humano comum entre outros, que pensa como o mundo pode ser paradoxal.

quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2015

For you

How we feel the true feelings?
An expert shall say that
Not at all, isn't real
A thing that you show and may be a lie

I'm a lie, am i?

Love is just a word, not a feel
Only show by the truth words
Vanquishing ilusions of mind
Exterminating our doubts

You came and make me feel
Only a reaction about your words
Unstable strings that conect us

A ilusion that i saw every minute
Is your smile,your eyes, your worlds?
Shall I truely have you?
Hana , flower, asnwer me.
I deserve you? My soulmate, after I
Troubling your feelings?
Exotic is our bound,
Real are my feel
U are my love