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quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2015

For you

How we feel the true feelings?
An expert shall say that
Not at all, isn't real
A thing that you show and may be a lie

I'm a lie, am i?

Love is just a word, not a feel
Only show by the truth words
Vanquishing ilusions of mind
Exterminating our doubts

You came and make me feel
Only a reaction about your words
Unstable strings that conect us

A ilusion that i saw every minute
Is your smile,your eyes, your worlds?
Shall I truely have you?
Hana , flower, asnwer me.
I deserve you? My soulmate, after I
Troubling your feelings?
Exotic is our bound,
Real are my feel
U are my love

Um comentário:

  1. Two minds together as one
    From the beginning of day
    Until the night is done.
    Knowing the other like oneself,
    Connected in the mind today and
    Loving the other completely
    And ceasing to love never.
    A soulmate that is.
    A mile or thousands of miles
    May separate with distance
    Longer than is the Nile
    But no matter how far your soulmate
    You are close and together in the
    In tune and close are the spirits,
    "'Til death do us part."
    A soulmate that is.